Vision, Mission & Aim

DII’s vision is to pioneer in disseminating the correct information of Islam & Muslims in Ireland.

DII’s mission is to provide correct Islamic information, promote better understanding of Islam and Muslims and eliminate Islamic misconceptions in Ireland. We intend to promote harmony by inviting the people of Ireland towards peace and to diminish hatred.

1. To organise Islam Awareness events including exhibitions, seminars and courses for the wider public.

2. Publication of literature containing information about Islam, Islamic culture, history and heritage for free distribution in schools, hospitals,libraries, government and non-government organisations.

3. Organising Islam Awareness events and Personal Development Seminars (PDS) to help Muslims become more aware of their own faith and develop an understanding of other faiths.

4. Organising talk tours and discussion seminars in schools, colleges and universities.

5. To work along other organisations (Islamic, government and non-government) to further the cause of understanding, cooperation in goodness and prevention of harm to society.