Message from Allah

  • I got an overwhelming sense of welcomeness walking in the door. The Exhibition gave me a great insight.
    Cllr. Eddie Mulligan, Fianna Fail 2017
  • It is wonderful to see such a great crowd of people. I looked at some of the arts and crafts you have to offer, they are absolutely fantastic. Events like this break down barriers, break down walls and build bridges between communities.
    Cllr. Reinhardt, Metropolitan Mayor of Waterford 2017
  • I find it very informative and really enjoyed it. I think it is a really very good idea. A lot of people would not know about the Muslim faith in our community, it is a great idea to have events like this. The tour is great and very educational.¬†Fear of the unknown is what cause more troubles, the more people know about other faith and Culture the better.
    Brendan Nyhan, President Clonmel Rotary 2017

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